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VDRS HE - Standalone digital video recorder

The picture presents an example configuration of standalone VDRS HE. The system could have up to 8 cameras connected and supports theoretically unlimited number of incoming remote connections via local networks and Internet as well.
Browsing the archive files is limited to current day only.

VDRS PRO - Standalone digital video recorder

The picture presents an example configuration of standalone VDRS PRO.
The system could have up to 16 cameras or domes connected. It supports Pan/Tilt/Zoom control for the domes via RS485 connection. You could also use up to 16 inputs and 12 outputs. The recording and browsing the video archives could be done locally on the server or remotely (via computer network) by using the client application for your PC or PocketPC.

VDRS - The surveillance of the distributed structers

Digital recorders VDRS PRO and RT series are perfect for the use with remote surveillance of structures distributed in large areas. Video signals transmission for VDRC client applications could be done via modem or GPRS connection.
The solutions provided could be used to perform surveillance of structures and facilities like:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Electric facilities
  • Gas storage tanks
  • Radio towers
  • Railroad crossings
  • Highway roads- turnpike systems

Thanks to wireless video transmission you now have the possibility of performing the surveillance of structures and facilities in distributed areas. The only limit is the area covered by digital cellular networks (PCS with GPRS).

VDRS PRO - Surveillance of multiple floors structures

The idea of distributed surveillance systems of VDRS digital video recorders could be used in multiple floors structures. Every floor or section of the structure could have one or more recorders installed that are connected to local area network/LAN of the structure. The solution provided will allow you to have a fast and relatively inexpensive surveillance system. Therefore creating a large surveillance system in multiple floor buildings (with the computer network). The access to the recorded archives or live viewing could be provided from any place in the structure. The solution is very useful if you would like to have one or more security stations or you would like to move the security room to another place in the building.
Every recorder located in the building could operate with maximum 16 cameras or domes. The recording could be done locally and/or remotely inside the structure or outside it via Internet. The distributed digital recording system provides you with an additional security for the recorded video that is recorded simultaneously in many places and protects the video archives against the theft or destruction.

VDRS PRO - Surveillance of distributed complexes of buildings

Distributed digital video surveillance systems could be commonly used in the medium to large industrial sites, logistic centers, military bases, airports, hospitals, correctional departments, law enforcement agencies, schools, corporate centers, anywhere or anytime the need is for the security of the structures. Every protected structure could have installed one or more digital recorders that can be connected to local area network. In case the area does not have LAN it could be very easily and quickly put in using wireless (802.11b) networks that can cover any area size. Wireless solutions have few additional advantages - the recorded and live video could be accessed anywhere in the covered by 802.11b network area. The security guards patrolling the areas could be equipped with PDAs that would allow them at anytime and anywhere to view (Look in before, you go in) any camera installed in the protected area. This solution could provide you with the effectiveness of your security guards and even reduction of the staff and resources used to protect the area.

VDRS Mobile - Surveillance in the vehicles

Digital video recorder VDRS Mobile was designed for mobile solutions that could be used in public transport means. Every vehicle could be equiped with maximum 8 cameras and VDRS video recorder that continuosly records events outside and inside the vehicle.

The most important advantages of the system like that :

  • Personnel and passengers safety improvement,
  • Reduction of vehicles demolition cases,
  • Possibility of playback the accident,
  • Possibility of detection any possible offense perpetrator and criminals in the vehicle.

The video is recorded locally in the vehicle but could be transmited to the headquarters via PCS/GPRS connection.
VDRS Mobile digital recorder could cooperate with the GPS (Global Positioning System) that widens the possibilities the system offers.




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