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PRS - Vehicle License recognition system

product available in second quarter of 2003

PRS Vehicle License recognition system is modern and multi purpose system to identify and recognize the vehicle license plates. Advanced techniques and algorithms of picture recognition make the system resistant to any weather conditions. The PRS system can read dirty or even damaged vehicle plate. Very high processing reaction allows recognition up to 30 vehicle plates per second. The feature allows recognition passing by vehicles. The laboratory experiments confirm the identification accuracy is almost 100%.
The PRS system could be used as a standalone unit or be integrated with VDR-S.
The integrated option provides you not only with database but every recognition event is marked in the time chart with an appropriate vehicle plate number. The provided solution allows fast browsing of video archives to find the beginning of video sequence with the specified car. The data that PRS system provides you with are: recognized car plate number, time and date of recognition, optional picture of the car plate and pictures of entire vehicle. PRS system can communicate with other databases to provide quick search information about the recognized vehicle. The open architecture of the system allows it to cooperate with other systems.


  • Parking garages
  • Highways, turnpike systems
  • Airports
  • Border crossings
  • Military bases
  • Police cars
  • Corporate companies