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About Alnet Australia.

Alnet Australia  is the sole distributor and supplier of Alnet VDR-S Digital Video Recording System in Australia. The business is registered  in New South Wales (reg. no BN97924570) and our aim is to provide our clients with the best that CCTV technology has to offer. We are proud to be able to offer Alnet VDR-S, a PC based state of the art CCTV surveillance system regarded by many as the best of the best. Thanks to Alnet specialists from the european research and development division we can offer the most advanced hi-tech digital recording system in the world. 
Alnet DVR (digital video recorder) systems are available in many different models reflecting new security trends in today's markets. 

At present Alnet R&D is working on a new system for vehicle license plate identification system (PRS), that can be used at traffic checkpoints, corporate parking garages, airports, border crossing, petrol stations, schools, hospitals, universities, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Soon, the range of  security product from Alnet will also include  the Biometric system (BMS) which will capture and identify people's faces. The (BMS) system will allow fast and effective identification of a wanted person at a train station, airports, banks, schools, hospitals and any other restricted areas.

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