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VDRS Home Edition

VDRS Home Edition is the latest digital recording and video transmission system. VDR-S was designed to suit the needs of our clients. This version is designed for houses, small offices or shops. The number of available cameras is limited to 8.
Available versions have 4 or 8 video inputs and could capture up to 3fps per each camera. The 4 video inputs version could be upgraded to 8 video inputs version.
You can adjust picture parameters separately for each camera.
You can set up recording to be permanent, done only on motion detection. Motion detection parameters are adjusted for each camera separately that allows the system to be correctly configured to record the appropriate motion events. This is done to eliminate unwanted motion detection of animals or waving trees. This parameter is especially important because significantly decreases amount of data stored on the hard disk. Motion detection areas could be set up separately in an easy way for each camera by using special mask tool.

We have our own video unique differential streaming compression method developed and used in the VDR-S systems. It allows you up to 90 days of permanent recording from 4 cameras with 6 fps per each camera and average motion intensification on the 60GB hard disk. You can access the video archives and view live picture locally or remotely via any computer network using TPC/IP protocol. Remote access is supported by free of charge client applications VDR-C (currently for PC computers and PocketPC and beta version for Nokia7650 cellphone ). This type of video surveillance solution allows you remote viewing from any place in the world. (Look in a area, before you go in)

VDR-C client software supports the same video streaming method as used for storing video. This kind of compression requires really minimum bandwidth of computer networks and that has an effect in smooth video transmission even for modem and GPRS connections.

Video archives could be browsed in a simple way by using the time chart or by searching the activity that took place in a selected area of the camera's view. The activity searching function is very useful and practically unavailable in any analogue VCR. All you have to do to search for activity is to select the area with mouse pointer and press search button. The system will start searching and will stop after activity detection will occur. Using the regular VCR this kind of operation would require watching all cassetes one after another and would take hours. VDR-S could do it much faster and even via remote with the client - VDR-C.
You can backup the video archives to any media with a second hard disk, CD, DVD. You can also export selected fragments to video clip.
VDRS PRO OEM (Professional) version in comparison with HomeEdition has many more features:

  • upgrade up to 16 cameras,
  • 30fps per each camera (Real Time version),
  • alarm inputs and remote switches,
  • unlimited number of administrators and users (there might be only one administrator and regular user in the HE version),
  • schedule,
  • unlimited remote access (you can browse remotely only current day archives),
  • email notification option,
  • possibility of cooperation with PRS (vehicle license identification system),
  • PTZ domes control (local and remote).

As you can see Home Edition version is very limited in comparison with the Professional one but is designed for another type of security system applications and what is the most important - it is less expensive although the compression method is the same as in the Professional version!

VDRS HE is is distributed as the package that includes:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 video capture boards,
  • CD-ROM with the software,
  • hardware dongle (protects the software)
  • manuals.

You can install the system on any computer that minimum required parameters are:

  • Intel Pentium III 1 Ghz processor.
  • 256 MB RAM,
  • Motherboard Intel chipset based *),
  • Minimum 20GB hard disk,
  • LAN adapter or modem (if remote view should be supported),
  • Windows 2000/XP operating system.

*) - VDRS PRO OEM works also with the motherboards VIA chipset based but the performance could be less than with Intel chipset.

Available versions :

Model type

Video inputs