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VDRC is a client software version that you can distribute and use without any monthly rates or monitoring charges.
The ALNET SYSTEMS offers full digital video recording (DVR) capabilities access via 802.11b or 802.11g and 802.3 network as well. In fact it was designed to offer you smooth remote view via any computer connection - including modem and GPRS connection. The PTZ feature will allow you to use the remote device to Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality, allowing security personnel to have the ability to adjust the cameras in real time.
You cane remotely access the system using any computer network connection over TCP/IP protocol. This allows you to perform surveillance from any place in the world via Internet or using your local company area network (LAN).
The client application runs with PC computers with Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP and we also have special version for Microsoft Windows NT.

VDRC features:

  • remote surveillance
  • remote administration (not available for VDRS HE version)
  • remote archives browsing (limited for VDRS HE version)
  • local recording of the remote view (not available for VDRS HE version)
  • input and output support (not available for VDRS HE version)
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control (not available for VDRS HE version)

The VDRC software supports differential video compression that is the best solution for minimum bandwith use in computer networks. It was designed to work smooth using modem connection or GPRS connection.
We have the beta version for the cell phone - Nokia7650. Remember that is the beta software.

We have recently released the client application for PocketPC - PocketVDR_C. This external mobility feature allows you to securely view any location. (Look in the area, before you go in).

VDRC Mobile client for POCKET PC
ALNET SYSTEMS client application will work with all versions of PocketPC with ARM processor and Windows PocketPC operating system.
Top left - Camera name.
Under the picture - status bar of the application. The most important info is shown
Right to status bar the transfer speed box (KBps or FPS)
Picture quality selection. #0 - the worst quality, #5 - the best one.
Max FPS limit - to lower the costs of data transfer.
The tabs select different options for the client application:
- camera selection,
- remote outputs control,
- alarm input status,
- pan, tilt, zoom control,
- archives.
Download appropriate version for your Pocket PC:
ARM & PXA processor, MIPS processor, SH3 processor
PocketPC client user's manual (ver.1.0)
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