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Alnet Australia would like to introduce you to the latest CCTV and Digital Security Technology- the ALNET VDR-S System. It is an ideal solution combining the latest CCTV technology with the user friendly interface and unparalelled functionality. The range of ALNET VDR-S systems was created by the ALNET team of professionals from our security and CCTV division.
The VDR-S is a digital video recorder specifically designed for operation of  Closed-Circuit TeleVision cameras. The system runs on a high end PC server under Microsoft Windows 2000 or  Windows XP operating system. The system can record the image from a maximum of 16 cameras, it supports up to 12 remote switches and 16 inputs for additional alarm inputs. It allows inspection and control through a computer network (e.g. the Internet) and also supports dome control, zooming and camera movements. The ALNET system allows remote viewing of the monitored premises using a handheld PDA/Pocket PC or a mobile phone from virtually any location. This feature enables the "Look before you go in" approach. Any authorised person equipped with the mobile phone or PDA is able to check the perimeter before actually entering the Alnet VRD-S protected premises. The Dynamic DNS function allows access to the server without the need for static IP address. 

To see an ALNET SYSTEMS demonstration click Download link below for the FREE client application. Follow the instructions to install the VDR-C and connect to one of our live servers to experience the real-time Video over IP. Please note, that since we have servers on three continents, time difference is important.
The client application runs on Pc with Microsoft  Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP

For instructions how to add a server to Address Book, click on the link below

 Adding Servers to Address Book

For Windows NT click on the link Microsoft Windows NT.



One of our aims is to provide our clients with the access to their servers anytime and from anywhere they are. This is why we created mobile client applications:

Pocket VDR-C This external mobility feature allows you to securely view any location. (Look before you go in). Short description could be found here.

Current PocketPC client version: 1.07

Download install (via ActiveSync) version for Pocket PC: PocketPC Install
... or download appropriate version directly to your Pocket PC:
ARM processor,
MIPS processor,
SH3 processor.
Download PocketPC client user's manual (ver.1.2)

Mobile VDR-C Nokia 9210 The latest version of the client application  for NOKIAs 7650, 3650 & 9210 mobile phones! Operating under Symbian OS, it has all standard features of a client application like viewing one camera at a time, selection of  cameras, quality adjustment, limiting frame rate, built-in address book. Not implemented: outputs, inputs and domes control). We will release versions for other mobile  phones in the near future.
Current Symbian client version: 1.07

Please, download:
Nokia 7650 & Nokia 3650 client program (for Symbian).
Nokia 9210 Communicator client program (for Symbian).
Nokia 7650 client program (basic version) (for Java).
VDRC Mobile Manual (PDF)